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Read our no nonsense guide to setting up your new kitchen….

SOoooo you have your new kitchen all gleaming and screaming how awesome it is.

You’ve spent months, considering the design, the results, not to mention the bank balance.

It’s all over, it’s here.  What does it need now?      YOU!

What to do first…

You spend ages surreptitiously placing re-placing and moving things around.  New objects d’art you thought might add pezaz, the new fruit bowl your bezzy mate gave you needs a place to sit of course – but which corner?  Of course, practicalities first, yes yes, where are the plates? Cups even….oh.  Where’s the tea?

This brings us to the “Tap Tap”

How to explain the tap tap.  Well, imagine tapping your forehead with the palm of your hand in frustration.  For a harmonious time in your new kitchen, we want to limit the amount of “tap taps” to your daily life from now on.

Preventing kitchen “tap tap”…

You start to pop “things” back on the work surfaces in a bid to get started but STOP.  Ask yourself, do I really need these?  How often do I use them?

  1. a) Daily?            b) Weekly?          or           c) Monthly?

Answer a – pop on the counter or the most easily reached cupboard/drawer space.

Answer b – it needs to be stored in an easy to reach cupboard, not on the surfaces.

Answer c –     store it in one of those over head or corner cupboards that you need to bend

really low down to reach, or stand on tippy toes.

This way, you are already creating a less of a tap tap to your day.

Reconsider your c’s.  Can some of them actually leave the kitchen and go into storage elsewhere such as shed or garage, or be given away, even sold on?

The “oh buts”…

This refers to the very true fact that you want to include the things you had in your kitchen before, the things that make the kitchen you.

They add warmth, personality, spirit.  Yes, it’s important.  After all, you loved the photos of the kitchens in the brochures but life is colourful and you need to install that energy back into your new kitchen otherwise it will feel as bland as a showroom.

Your kids paintings for the fridge, yes the magnets from Italy last year if you love them, the wire mesh egg holder that Mum bought you last year, the family calendar, the purple coffee maker.   Without these things life would seem a bit dull.

But this does lead us nicely on to SPACE.

And not the final frontier kinda space.  S P A C E.  You need it and no excuses that your kitchen is too small please.  It’s all relative!

Clear clutter so you can clean….

Here’s something to get you started…

A kitchen needs to be a clean place.  It needs to smell clean to feel clean, it needs to BE clear to be cleaned SO, make sure surfaces are not so cluttered that you can’t run a cloth over them every morning and evening.

It takes two seconds to do if you don’t have clutter.  If you have stuff all over your worktops you will never clean them without huffy tap tap effort – fact!   Try it and see.

When it all gets too much chant the mantra, it’s only a kitchen, it’s only a kitchen….

Try not to be too controlling initially or have plans set in stone, you might find yourself in an all-change situation if your cooking flow is affected by where you have put everything in your new kitchen.  Keep an open mind for the first couple of weeks and see how things “pan” out.

Enjoy!  And….most importantly: –

Open the windows as often as you can, let light in, let family and friends gather often, and make some fantastic memories.

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