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Is this the way we’ll ALL be cooking our food in the future?

What you probably know already is that 3D printing technology is currently being used by car manufacturers, the medical profession, architects, even the army!

But in the kitchen?  Well, that caught our eye.

Pop-up-restaurant “Food Ink” are now providing “the most futuristic gourmet experience in the known universe”  This amazing new dining experience, fuses fine dining with philosophy, art and new technologies.

Take a look at the video here to find out more:

They have opened up their World Tour 2017 and have hit London and Barcelona already (more dates and locations to be announced!) So make sure you are first in line!

It’s clever.   Images are stored on digital files from which 3D molds are made.  Puréed ingredients are layered into these molds and a robotic arm of a 3D printer is used to squeeze out soft ingredients onto the plate and…. ta da!

Using this technology, chefs are able to create masterpieces with the utmost precision; these results simply cannot be achieved by the human hand alone.

Food Ink. CEO & Co-founder Anthony Dobrzensky likens the technique to “a pastry chef using a bag to ice cakes” but of course, it’s all far more technical than that.

And – for your own home – – print your own pancakes!

This particular way of producing food has many benefits and is changing the way we think.  Personalised diets can be designed, people with chewing and swallowing problems will be able to eat nutritional food from their own kitchen.

Companies working within the 3D food printing industry are targeting groups such as people with dementia, or patients with cancer or people who have suffered a stroke and hope to provide quality of life not just for the patients, but carers too.

NASA is currently investing in this to deliver better food to their astronauts!

Keep your eye on this one!




Special thanks and acknowledgement go to Digital Trends, Food Inc. Anthony Dobrzensky & Jonny Rapp.  Photo credit to Food Inc.

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