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As 2016 begins to draw to a close we take a quick look at what emerging trends are going to take us into 2017.

More and more, the kitchen is becoming the most important room in the home.  A place where we meet at the end of a busy day, cook, relax, and entertain. Therefore, it should accommodate our lifestyle and function in a way that makes life easier for u

Many are choosing to merge their kitchen into their dining space and living areas.  The kitchen is almost unseen, Induction Tops to hide hobs which are also energy efficient and safer, bulky appliances and waste bins are cleverly concealed in cabinetry behind seamless frontages and soft close doors.

Grey is the New White!  Classic white gives way to muted greys, blues, beiges, even greens and don’t be afraid to mix textures and tiling – bold prints and patterns to add colour and vibe.


Quartz Work Tops, Hand Painted Finishes are bang on trend.

Swing out Larders to help organise the little things and keep everything in place.

Pull Outs for ease of access.  See everything you have.  No more searching around the back of cupboards.  Everything is used.

Don’t forget Pets!  We love our pets but kicking the water bowl, or sending the biccies flying across the kitchen is a complete pain.  A designated pet area of the kitchen, with features designed to fit in with your pet’s needs is important.  Empty those ugly large food bags into a storage bin with auto close lid, concealed behind a soft close door within your kitchen units.

Have a hidden Pull Out for all their extra treats and eats.Vets now recommend that medium to large animals eat from bowls elevated off ground level to aid digestion.  A Pull Out Feeding Bowl Drawer that can easily be emptied, cleaned and closed is the perfect solution.

Docking/Charging Stations with built in USB and electrical connections cleverly installed into drawers and cabinets, keeping us connected and clutter free. Providing easy and safe access to smart phones, laptops or tablets.  Wires hidden.

The kitchen is the entertainment hotspot of the home.  Therefore, Built in Beverage Stations are a useful addition.  One can quite literally grab a beer, choose from a selection of wines, dispense some ice, brew some coffee and all without hunting around in fridges or cupboards.  Keep everything nicely stocked for use.

Did you know that most culinary herbs such as basil, bay, cilantro, marjoram, dill, chives, rosemary, parsley, to name a few, are all easily grown in the kitchen.  As long as they are planted in a bright airy sunny space (approx 6 hours of sunshine per day), away from drafts, near to skylights or a reliably sunny window (beware of them being too near a window in Winter) they can form an indoor herb garden which is beautifully useful, natural, green, and aromatic. 

A few ideas to help make 2017 a happy new year!

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